Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our new toy!

My Little Ladybug

Joleigh wants to do everything for herself, as you very well can see in the pictures! The eating by herself is coming along, but we will need to work on the fingernail painting for a while. Hope you enjoy :o)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guangxi Beauties

This is a collage of all the girls that were adopted the same time Joleigh was when we were in China. We had the priviledge of spending 2 weeks with the families while in China. These girls ages arrange from 16 months - 2.5 years old. We miss them so much and hope to plan a reunion sometime to get the girls together. Joleigh, Rachel, Faith and Anna were in the same SWI (Yulin 1st orphanage) and Jenny was also from Yulin, but the other SWI. Erin was from another town north of Yulin. Aren't they beauties! Thanks Ashley for a great job in making our collage! ( Enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2007

VBS pictures


Game Day Central was the theme this year for VBS. I worked in Missions with Rita and we had a blast. Here are some pictures of the week. The picture of the pie in the face is of our pastor, youth pastor, music minister and educational minister getting pied after our kids, not only reached our $500 goal, but collected well over $800 for the Florida Baptist Children's Home. Enjoy the pictures!
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If you're happy and you know it......

Joleigh's new favorite song. When she is having one of her moments, all you have to do is start singing this song and she loves it! Enjoy! (Sorry for the background vocals)

Introducing... Miss "Show Off"

This past Friday night, we had commencement at our church from Vacation Bible School. Jacob was singing his heart out on stage and the children, while Joleigh was showing off in the aisle. She entertained several folks around her. We had an awesome VBS with over 250 children registered! WOOHOO!

Friday, June 8, 2007

A day on the Farm

Tuesday we all went and helped Chip feed cows and just had some good, family time riding around on the farm. We ate blackberries and then found our favorite Mulberry tree and ate what little berries there were. Joleigh didn't know what to think since we were eating berries off of bushes and trees. I will have to watch her closely now. We are in such need for rain for our hay fields to grow, for wildlife to have water to drink and etc. Enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Road Trip to Georgia

This is a little snip of Joleigh while traveling to Georgia. Jacob was sleeping and we were being entertained by "Little Miss" Sorry for the bumpy ending, Chip was turning into a service station.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Helping snap green beans

We were on our way to Georgia to pick up new farm equipment and Jacob decided he would be a SUPER HELPER and help snap green beans so Mama and Daddy didn't have to stay up late and do it. He used his dad's hat and a Wal-Mart bag since that was all that we had in the truck. Well, Joleigh thought she could help as well. The pictures says it all! Jacob is always ready to help me or his Dad. Enjoy!

All in a day with Joleigh

Joleigh was into everything this day! She loves to climb in her bed, as you see if pictures below with Jacob. She has recently learned that she can get into the toybox and "hide", especially when she has the lotion. She is so much fun and we love her so much. My days would be boring without her and Jacob. They are very entertaining to watch. More pictures to come. Enjoy


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