Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1 year ago today, we met our precious baby girl for the 1st time

One year ago today a beautiful, petite and scared little 12 month old baby girl was placed into my arms. All the tears, delays and worries we had while waiting for her were totally gone. All I could do is stare into her beautiful brown eyes and tell her how much we loved her and she was now with her forever family. She immediately bonded with her Daddy and big brother, it took a little more time for her to bond with me, but that was okay. We had the rest of our lives for that. Within a couple of days, we had smiles, giggles and lots of personality coming out of this tiny, little girl that our travel group friends nicknamed, "wild thing". She is now so full of life @ 2 years old. She loves to dance, sing and make you laugh. She talks non stop with a Southern accent (really funny) She loves her brother so much as he was the first one to receive the words, "I love you" from her just before he was going to bed. My heart melted. It was absolutely precious and it totally melted her big brothers' heart, too. We are going to go to Chuck E Cheese for Gotcha Day tonight with a few family and friends. Thank you family and friends for all your support during this past year. Will post more later.

(pictures of Joleigh in traditional dress by MC Photography)

We carried Joleigh to Chuck E Cheese for her Gotcha Day celebration! Special friends and family came and shared in the celebration with us! I think the adults had the most fun with the games, though. LOL Here are the pics from the night.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cabin Fever

Well, this has been a long, tiring week. Jacob was sick last weekend, so Monday I carried him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with Mono. We have teased him and ask him who he has been kissing on. He didn't think that was too funny. He stayed out of school until today and wasn't to thrilled to return to school today. Bless his heart. I pray he has a great day and trying to get caught up on school work. Well, we got Jacob better and now Joleigh is running temp of 102(at her highest peak)I don't know what is. Fever virus, mono (I hope not), teething??? We will watch her and see. You wouldn't know she is even sick, running around playing and turning flips and splits. Time will tell.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just gotta let you hear this one!

As most of you know, Miss Joleigh is full of life and is sometimes quite comical. Just a few minutes ago, I was checking the weather on the computer, in the office, and Miss Priss came up behind me to snatch some "halloween candy" from the shelf. When I started to turn around in my chair, (knowing it was her) she ran off as fast as she could, hollaring at Jacob, "RUN, MOMMY COMING!" making a successful capture of 2 tootsie roll lollipops. I guess you had to be here to think it is funny, but everyone that knows Joleigh bug, will get a great laugh.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

More of Joleigh's birthday pictures and National Peanut Festival

Mommy is finally getting around to posting more pictures from my 2nd birthday party. Thank you Aunt Kim for the great pictures! We love you!

On Monday night we went to the National Peanut Festival. What fun we had! This was Joleigh's first Fair I am so glad we were able to share it with Kim and Robert! Thanks guys, you're the best!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Girl

Today is Joleigh's 2nd birthday. We had her Dora party at the local park yesterday afternoon. Friends and family came and enjoyed the special day with her. Some of her special friends includes: Jacob, Carter, Jonathan, Abigail, Stephanie, Charity, Noah, Daniel and their parents, along with Aunt Kim and Uncle Robert, Pat (the best Dora cake maker in the world) and Mr.Randy, and the 2 best set of grandparents in the world attended. She loves Dora, especially her new Dora pillow. I will post more birthday party pictures later.

I also can't help to think about Joleigh's birthmother. Wondering what kind of day she may be having. The sacrifice she made, at a difficult time in her life, was one of the biggest blessings to our family and friends.


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