Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Referral Day.....3 years

Where has time gone? Three years ago today we received our referral of a beautiful little girl from Yulin City, Guangxi, China. She was only 10.5 months old, but yet, so tiny. We had already chosen her name to be Joleigh Elizabeth *chinese name* How could you be in love with someone you have never met? How can I describe the feeling of that awesome day. When we opened that email up and there was our beautiful, almond-eyed daughter from China. Thank you God for blessing me with two beautiful children thru the miracle of adoption. Here is last years post with pictures and on this post is 2009 picture. Click here to see last years post and how she has changed in such a short time. We love you, Joleigh! Happy Referral Day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starfish Cleft Home

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From China With Love Photo Blog...

This week is photo is of "Gotcha Day" WOW! Our "gotcha day" with Joleigh is fast approaching. Can not believe it will soon be 3 years come November 20.

From China With Love

Monday, September 14, 2009

Support Family Business

Contribute 2009
I am loving my new Scentsy Wickless Business. I was reading on our website tonight and was very excited to see that Scentsy is Supporting Family Business. Click on the banner to learn more. I pledged to spend $50, on Oct 12th, at a local family business. I need 5 friends to join me in making that pledge. Our goal is to inspire 100,000 people to pledge to spend an extra $50 at locally owned small businesses. That’s a $5 million ripple effect in local economies across the nation. We encourage you to organize with others when you shop on October 12 or any day that week – making it a memorable experience with a more meaningful impact on the small businesses you choose to help.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We are still here!!

Sorry I haven't posted in forever! Camera difficulties along with getting back into the routine of returning to school, has kept me quite busy. I have been blessed to be given the teaching position of one of the K4 classes this year. It has been a wonderful 3 years of being a SAHM and being able to have that time to bond and play with Joleigh. Since she is now almost 4, she is old enough to attend the K3 program, so, it is back to work. Jacob has started the 7th grade. WOW! I just seems like the other day that I was dropping him off for K4 for his first time. Oh my! Now, Joleigh, is going to K3 and LOVING it! She is coming home singing and telling us all about her day. Jacob is playing football this year and Joleigh will begin ballet. WOW! What a busy schedule we will have, but looking forward to it. Love to all and hopefully, I will be able to post "First Day at School" pictures soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jump Start Giveaway

Check out another awesome giveaway at Diana Rambles Jump Start, a computer CD, is now online and in 3D....what an adventure for our kids to play the magical worlds, videos and storybooks to help them with math skills and reading skills. Check Jump Start out and then click here to go and register for this awesome giveaway! Good luck!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Great Giveaway!

Go check it out for yourself! Diana's at Diana Rambles latest and greatest giveaway! Oh my! I love it! A giant fortune cookie at Giant Fortune Cookie is giving away to a lucky blogger! Oh my....I hope I win! Go check out both websites. That way, if you don't win you can still order the awesome GIANT fortune cookie! Stop by Diana's Blog by clicking here and tell her I sent you! Good luck!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

From China With Love

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Time at the Lake

We had a blast last week at the Lake. Camping, boating and tubing was a blast! Joleigh rode the tube for the first time behind Uncle Jimmy's boat and kept telling him to speed up. Jacob loved the tube and had a wipe-out on the lake, but got back up and kept a going. Oh..the reason there are more pics Joleigh than Jacob is because Jacob stayed on the boat the entire week. Enjoy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Check out my Wickless, Flameless Candles

I am so excited to announce that I have joined the Scentsy Team and just love the products. Check out my website at here for more information. Email me, from the website, if you would like something.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From China With Love Photo Blog...

Check my girl out! All you moms out there that check out From China With Love Photo Blog and submit your pictures. You daughter or son could be the next Featured Photo! Thanks Diana!

From China With Love

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!

Diana from the blog Diana Rambles is hosting another great giveaway. Cora with Little Miss's Blankets and Stuff is giving away one of her awesome blankets or a peasant dress, (the first one is the one Joleigh has...LOVE IT). It is adorable on and well made. Cora also makes pillow cases, blankets, beautiful dresses and her husband, Jim, also is an artist and does neat art work. This was started to help them with their adoptions. You know how much adoption means to me and my family, so go and sign up to win or just visit Cora's blog and place an order. Thanks Diana for CAH Shout Out! (Crafters at Home)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awards Day

Yesterday, Jacob had his Award Ceremony, along with all the other students. This year Jacob was awarded History Excellence. I was so excited. Looking at the pictures I also think Jacob was a little excited, too. He was also given participation ribbon for placing 3rd in the Tropicana Speech Contest. Way to go Jacob.....we are so proud of you and love you very much!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Field Day

Last Friday was our first Field Day at our school. The kids had a blast! The parents were able to come and watch and Joleigh had as much fun as the students. Jacob was so sweet to his little sister as he took time from his field day activities to "help" her participate, too. Enjoy the pictures

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday, Jacob - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Wow! I can't believe that 12 years ago today, we were sitting in the waiting room at St Joseph Women's Hospital in Tampa, Fl. waiting for our first child to be born. Around 7pm, a beautiful, healthy blond hair, blue-eyed boy was welcomed into the world. Due to circumstances of the adoption, we were unable to see Jacob until he was 2 days old. Aunt Kim went to the hospital and fed him and loved him until we were able to hold him for the first time. Thank you, Kim for you and your family's love for Jacob! We love you so much! WOW! I can still remember almost all the details of that time. IT was awesome and something I will never forget. The nurses had said that he hadn't been eating much, but drank a whole 3 oz bottle when we fed him for the first time. He broke us in when we changed his diaper for the first time and he "watered" the room. He was a very good baby. God blessed me with a beautiful son, now 12. He is so full of life. Loves to fish, hunt and hang out with family. Jacob has a kind, loving and compassionate heart. I can't help to think about his birthmother at this time. WOW! If she knew how much we love and appreciate her, too. What a unselfish thing she did by trusting us to raise her son. The words out of her mouth to me after she was discharged from the hospital, I will never forget, "Your a Mommy now" Thank you God, for putting Grandma and Grandpa C and Aunt Kim in our lives and giving me that chance of becoming a Mom! We love you Jacob and are so proud of you! Hope you have the best birthday ever!
Love, Mama

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Look

What do you think? Diana @ Custom Blog Designs did a wonderful makeover for our blog. I LOVE IT! Click here to view some of her work! If you are interested in a makeover for your blog, tell Diana I sent you! If you have a blog already and want a cool signature for your posts, she does that, too. She has alot of different services that she offers. Have a wonderful weekend. Hoping to sleep in a little in the morning. We'll see if the kids will do the same.

She even made me a blog button which you can post on your sidebar. Just copy & paste the code from the box below into a sidebar html/javascript gadget.

The Pinball Blog

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We won!

We won! Look at the post below and that is what we won! Woohoo! Also, congratulations to Tammy and Lisa for also winning! Thanks Diana!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prima Princessa Ballet DVD: Review & Giveaway

Here's your chance for all you moms of little girls who LOVE to be a ballerina and dance around the house! Diana's blogs: She's a-DORI-ble and Diana Rambles is hosting this ballerina DVD giveaway. This was created by 2 stay at home moms and is targeted toward budding young ballerinas. The 4o minute DVD features a fun cartoon ballerina named Princess Princessa. Princess Princessa guides viewers through a performance of Swan Lake, which is performed by the world famous Paris Opera ballet. Go check it out on the Prima Princessa website and then go to above blogs to enter for your future ballerina.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Joleigh and Stephy

Today, while we worked at the yard sale, Joleigh went to the park with Stephy. She played on the playground and was able to slide on the big slide and find Easter Eggs. She had so much fun with Stephy. Stephy told me that Joleigh even shared some of her eggs with a little boy that didn't find many. sweet. They then went to lunch at McD*nald's. She had a blast! Thank you Stephy for making Joleigh's Easter Egg hunt a great one!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I won VOTW (visitor of the week) at one of my favorite blogs. Diana at Custom Blog Designs choose me as visitor of the week. I am so excited. I win my choice of a custom blog signature, blog button or scrap page. I think I am going for the blog button! What ya think? Click here to check out her awesome designs. She has alot of awesome samples on CBD of designs she has already completed! If you are ready for a change, just email her and get her to "pretty up" your blog. We are in the process of updating ours again, so check back soon to see a new look to Hairbows and Fishin' Poles.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cuteness from Joleigh

UPDATE: This morning Joleigh climbed in my lap to look at a video from our friends that are serving in South America in the Mission Field and when she was finished viewing the video...she asked me nicely..."Mama, would you please put me down before I get nervous?" Where in the world did that come from? Oh my! Pictures coming soon. Trying to locate my USB cable for my camera and stores don't have them and website says backorder!

Here are some things Joleigh has said the past few days that we wanted to journal.

1. Today we went to the park with some of Joleigh's friends. She had on blue jean shorts, orange top. I ask her to go and get some white play socks and tennis shoes. When she came out she was carrying hot pink socks. When I asked her where her white socks were, she said, "But pink ones match my fingernail polish!"
2. Joleigh was doing such a great job with her hula hoop that she wanted her Dad to watch her. She called her Dad to watch her (he was watching TV) Dad kinda mumbled, "I see, I see" She quickly responded to him with, "no you didn't cause you are looking at the TV!"
3. This week, I signed her up for K3 Preschool for the Fall @ the same school as Jacob attends and where I use to teach before taking a LOA to go to China to get Joleigh. I told her that we were signing her up. When we opened the front doors, she ran (I mean ran) into the Principal's office and hollared his last name only, "H______, (no Mr, just his last name)I am BIGDER now and I AM COMING TO SCHOOL! I NEED TO GO GET A BACK PACK" IT was priceless, except for the fact that another teacher and parent was in there with him.
4. The other day I heard her arguing. I knew I was the only one at home, so I went to investigate. What I found was her looking in the mirror, arguing with herself. Oh my! It was hilarious!
5. We went to a children's store the other day to look at Easter dresses and she pulled an outfit out and put it up to her and said, "Styling"
6. When we are out and about, she asks everyone, "What is your name?" Most of the time they answer and then ask Joleigh her name, to which she replies, "My name is Joleigh, but today, I am Gabriella"
7. Just now, she is hollaring for me. "Mama, I am poo pooing in your potty, I love you, will you wipe my hiney?" How could you resist that?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My friend, Julia and her friend, Kristen has a website with come cute clothes that they make. Check them out when you get a chance. I can't wait for Joleigh to strut around in some of their outfits. The name of their website is Butterbugs. How cute is that!! Let me know what you think! Oh, and right now they are running their pillowcase dresses for only $15. WOW!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joleigh's New Hobby

While I was cooking supper last night, Joleigh turned on my digital camera and starting taking pictures of the room, herself and who knows what! She was so proud of herself! Thought I would post to the blog because she wanted to put them on the "puter" Leave a comment and let her know what you think of her photography skills. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Fish That Didn't Get Away!

Saturday, Jacob went to his D'daddy and MawMaw's to troll around in his boat and throw out a line or two. Well, that boy caught a HUGE crappie fish! For real....I have NEVER seen any crappie as big as this one! It weighed approximately 3-4 lbs and about 16 inches long! We got Jacob's picture with it.....Jacob kissed his fish......and released it! Looks like he is carrying on the family tradition of fishing. What do you think Granddaddy, Uncle Tony and Uncle Mark about this fish? Pretty good for an 11 year old. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday CBD!!

Who is CBD? Well, CBD (Custom Blog Designs)is a fellow adoptive mom that does awesome digital scrapbooking and she is also a member of the same DTC yahoo group as I am. During our wait for our daughters, I saw how creative she was and thought I would email her about my blog. I was tired of my same old blog and just was tired of looking at it. So I made up my mind and emailed Diana to see if she could help me with my blog. I can't believe it has been a year since I contacted Diana to see if she would be interested in "pimping" my blog. I just told her the name of my blog and as you can see, she did an AWESOME job. Since then, Diana @ Custom Blog Designs has done over 60 blogs, signatures, buttons, etc. Diana does great work and not only does she do great work with designs, she also has donated $299 to Starfish Foster Home to help special needs children in China. How awesome! Great work, Diana and Happy 1st Birthday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

FFFF #13 --Boats


Here is a picture of Jacob and his friend with Granddaddy (my dad) during Father's Day weekend at Lake Eufaula in Alabama. They went out to catch some fish for supper and thank goodness we had other plans as the fish were not biting that day. It was an eventful weekend and alot of fun.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


I wanted you to know about this publication I’m a part of called Serious.Life Magazine. They just published the February issue today, and I am in their Featured Blog Directory. It’s a very high quality magazine… you’ll really like it.

The magazine includes a lot of great content from bloggers you’ll appreciate, as well as great features, photos and other content. The magazine is owned and published by a family who have seven kids, three adopted and one who has Leukemia ( The magazine gives away a bunch of ads to charities and ministries. Besides great articles on interesting people, there is a lot about family, adoption, personal finance, spiritual life, humor… all sorts of “life” topics.

Again, the subscription is free, and I know you’ll enjoy the magazine, so take a minute to check it out and sign up to get future issues.


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