Friday, March 20, 2009

Cuteness from Joleigh

UPDATE: This morning Joleigh climbed in my lap to look at a video from our friends that are serving in South America in the Mission Field and when she was finished viewing the video...she asked me nicely..."Mama, would you please put me down before I get nervous?" Where in the world did that come from? Oh my! Pictures coming soon. Trying to locate my USB cable for my camera and stores don't have them and website says backorder!

Here are some things Joleigh has said the past few days that we wanted to journal.

1. Today we went to the park with some of Joleigh's friends. She had on blue jean shorts, orange top. I ask her to go and get some white play socks and tennis shoes. When she came out she was carrying hot pink socks. When I asked her where her white socks were, she said, "But pink ones match my fingernail polish!"
2. Joleigh was doing such a great job with her hula hoop that she wanted her Dad to watch her. She called her Dad to watch her (he was watching TV) Dad kinda mumbled, "I see, I see" She quickly responded to him with, "no you didn't cause you are looking at the TV!"
3. This week, I signed her up for K3 Preschool for the Fall @ the same school as Jacob attends and where I use to teach before taking a LOA to go to China to get Joleigh. I told her that we were signing her up. When we opened the front doors, she ran (I mean ran) into the Principal's office and hollared his last name only, "H______, (no Mr, just his last name)I am BIGDER now and I AM COMING TO SCHOOL! I NEED TO GO GET A BACK PACK" IT was priceless, except for the fact that another teacher and parent was in there with him.
4. The other day I heard her arguing. I knew I was the only one at home, so I went to investigate. What I found was her looking in the mirror, arguing with herself. Oh my! It was hilarious!
5. We went to a children's store the other day to look at Easter dresses and she pulled an outfit out and put it up to her and said, "Styling"
6. When we are out and about, she asks everyone, "What is your name?" Most of the time they answer and then ask Joleigh her name, to which she replies, "My name is Joleigh, but today, I am Gabriella"
7. Just now, she is hollaring for me. "Mama, I am poo pooing in your potty, I love you, will you wipe my hiney?" How could you resist that?


Kristi said...

Clearly it is more important to match fingernails than it is any article of clothing...
Cute stories, I'm sure you'll be glad you documented them later!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

OMG...those are tooo funny!!!!

Tammy said...

Don't kids say the darndest things?! Where do they get it?? It sounds like Joleigh's cuteness could fill a book--so glad you took the time to write it down. :)

I hope the group gets together soon so we can officially meet you guys!

Sherri & Todd said... cute is that. I love the nail polish and the poo poo, but they were all GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing.

Cora said...

Too sweet, I love how little girls match clothing.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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