Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flu bug has hit.......some of us that is

Well, the stomach flu has hit Chip. He come down with it on Friday and is better today, but still weak. Joleigh sure has missed her Daddy. He hasn't been able to love on her like she thinks he needs to because he didn't want her to get sick. The picture says it all.

Jacob went to MawMaw and D'daddy's this weekend to fish. Boy, does he love to fish. The picture is of him and Cody (his cousin) catching the "big bass" after Cody showed Jacob how to do a fancy dance and wiggling of the fishing pole to get the fish to bite. Yes, they were being funny, but hey, it worked.

When Jacob is away, Joleigh sure misses him. We went to town to get out of the "sick house" and to spend som
e time and to visit with Rochelle, Jada and Kina and Mrs. Talley. When we finally got to pick up Jacob, Joleigh was so excited to see her brother.

This will be our new blog for Jacob and Joleigh. I want to thank Rochelle for all she has done on and our website. I am learning on this blog, because Rochelle spoiled me. I would just type and send pics to her and she would post and now I am learning how to do it. Well, enough for now. Will post more later. Enjoy the pictures. The children are growing so fast.

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LaJuana said...

Enjoy that brotherly/sisterly thing every chance you get!!! You may want to save all of those shots for later interventions(HAHA!!) LaJuana :)


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