Monday, July 23, 2007

Smoky Mountains

We were able to take a few days this year and head north to the Mountains (hills) of Tennessee with some friends. Chip decided about 2 days before we left that we would be able to go. The weather here has been so dry and that doesn't make for a good hay crop. We went anyway and Praise God, it rained almost the whole time we were gone. When we left, it was brown and the grass would crackle when you walked on it. Now, it is green and needs cutting. Joleigh loves to camping and when she saw me packing the camper (at the last minute, talking about stress) she was sooooooooo excited! Jacob was a great helper, helping me carry things to get ready for our departure, as well as helping me look after our little one. We had a fabulous time, until Thursday evening when I came down with 103 temperature. I think it was strep throat and my fever finally went down enough that we could leave as planned on Friday morning back home. Thank God for friends, who jumped in there and took care of my children while I was out of it. LOL Well, enjoy the pictures. They say it all! More pictures to follow

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