Monday, August 13, 2007

"TGIF" Day

Every year we celebrate Jacob's Adoption Day with "TGIF" Thank God it's Final! Well, the first weekend in August is that day and on that day, Jacob choose our Family outing. Whatever it may be. This year, all he wanted to do is go to Dick's Sporting Goods, Beef O'Brady's for supper and Petsmart. Well, we did all mentioned and at Petsmart, he said he wanted a fish. We said, we don't have tank, but can do Beta. Well, we walked a little more and he said, "Oh, a hermit crab." Okay, I thought, we can do a hermit crab. Well, as you see in pictures, we are all "thumbs up" for a hermit crab.....UNTIL we saw the Guinea pigs. Long story short.....we went in after $5 beta fish, or $8 hermit crab and came out with $95 Guinea pig (supplies added with that) He is a cutie pie. We are still trying to name the little rascal. I will post a picture of the new family member soon!

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