Friday, September 5, 2008

video trouble-UPDATE~

UPDATE-when all else fails and you want to put videos on your blog, put your videos on "public view" so people can see them. SORRY! DUH moment!

I don't know why the videos aren't working. When I check them they are fine. I will work on it and see if I can correct it. SO sorry!

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Lisa~~ said...

Hi Mendy,

I don't have an email link back to you so I figured I would just post here. Thanks for following along with Maisie and her bentos and for the votes. I'm thinking that everyone is allowed their three votes and that's it. I really appreciate everyone voting for me as I have so much fun making the bentos and by passing along the prize, if I win, hopefully it will get someone else addicted to bento making.

Hope that all the upcoming storms miss you and hopefully you fared well through Fay.


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