Thursday, October 16, 2008

1st Spend the Night

Chip, Jacob and I along with other friends recently went to a Casting Crowns concert in PC, Fl. It was wonderful! RiRi and Stephy asked to see if Joleigh wanted to stay with her and of course, Joleigh said "yes, cause Cassing Cowns will be loud" She is so funny. So, this was the first night that Joleigh spent the night away from us and she did GREAT! She got a little whimpy when the TV was turned off, but that was okay.....RiRi snuggled with her and rocked her to sleep and she slept all night. Joleigh told me that she needed a "big girl bed" like Stephy. I have to admit that I felt lost without her, didn't know how to eat without cleaning up a mess or the typical toddler mealtime mishaps, but it was a nice evening ........STRESS FREE and some good time with Jacob! LOL Thanks RiRi and Stephy. We love you! I am trying to upload a few pictures.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Very brave mommy! Sounds like it went well!

Jen said...

You are my hero! I just can't do it yet - can't even think about a night apart...but it will come. Glad you had a lovely evening - I'd LOVE to see Casting Crowns!

Jen and Ebony, Australia


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