Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Week

It's been a long week in the P household. Well, let's back up a bit. My parents, who now live TN, were coming to help out with the chidren. Well, Mama, came down with flu like symptoms and couldn't come so my Daddy came and helped transport Jacob back and forth to school. On Wedndesday, Daddy carried Jacob to school and Joleigh went to Chip's parents house and stayed so I could carry Chip in for outpatient surgery. He had his gallbladder removed and is doing fine, except for cabin fever. When we found out that Chip was going to have surgery we decided that we would also have a yard sale and he could sit there and help run it so we wouldn't be other words, still doing something. So we set the yard sale up with help of my wonderful SIL's /BIL and nephews. Last night, on last minute arranging, after I came in, Joleigh was running 102.4 fever and eventually lost her supper. YIKES! What am I going to do now? Yard sale was in the morning and it was now time for my Dad to go home, Chip still recovering and I had to run the yard sale. Oh, who would take Jacob to school? I said, I will worry later, let me take care of my sweet girl. Well, Joleigh was so pitiful whining, hurting and just plain sick. So being the wonderful, sweet mother (lol) that I am, I snuggled with her and began to sing her favorite songs, knowing it would calm her down. Instead of the calming effect, this is what my darling daughter said to me. "Mama, please stop singing that song, it is going to make me frow (throw) up again" I just died laughing. She still has her sassyness even when she is so sick. She is doing better today, just cold and fever. Jacob super helper with sister and his Daddy. I did fairly well on the yard sale today. Considering we didn't do any advertising except for a few fliers here and there, last minute radio announcing and my nice neighbor that went all over putting up signs for us. Oh and the rain. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

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Tammy said...

When it rains, it pours, huh? I hope everyone recovers soon!


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