Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

Jacob is playing Pee Wee Football this year for the Cottondale Hornets. These pictures are from the Jamboree. Boy, was it ever so HOT! I don't see how those boys did it but they did. Jacob is #48 and is playing offense and defense. On offense he plays flanker and wide receiver. On defense, he plays corner back. Now, to all you football people, you know what that is. To me, I haven't a clue. Jacob is enjoying playing and so far they are 2-0. (means we have won both games LOL) GO HORNETS!
Joleigh also loves football, as well. She will holler for her big brother and say "Touchdown" and "Go Boys" everytime someone is running, even if it is the other team. She is a good cheerleader all ready. So sweet.
Enjoy the pictures. Mendy

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"cr♥zy" said...

OMG♥ jacob looks so AWESOME in uniform. tell your family we tennessians up here say hi and l♥ve ya and miss ya!
tell jacob i said good luck


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