Thursday, September 27, 2007

A look back.....will this be the day?

Last year, to this day, was a very tense day. The CCAA had matched babies thru August 9th LID and we were LID on the 8th. We were so excited! It seemed that everyone had received the long waited phone call but us. Pictures of babies were all over the yahoo groups and Rumor Queen I was pacing the floor and jumping everytime the phone rang. All I could think is "is this the call?" Then finally at 10am, Bonnie, our China Coordinator with our agency called and all I could ask was, "IS IT A GIRL?" She said yes, a beautiful girl! Her name is Hua Ru Yan (pronounced "Hwa Ru Yen") from Yulin 1st SWI in Guangxi, China. Her DOB was 11-5-05. I cried and cried. I immediately beeped Chip to come home and he did, just as we received the email with the MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL in the world. We opened the email and said, "Thank you, Lord for your blessings" It is amazing to see God's hand at work and the miracles He still does today.
I immediately called Rochelle and told her. (My right hand and new precious friend thru this adoption) She fixed the pictures so we could email them out to everyone and then, it was mass email and put in on my journal. The servers didn't know what hit them. LOL Then I hit the phone and my beep beep (Nextel) alerting everyone to check their email. After the rush, I printed Joleigh's picture and went to the school and pulled Jacob out of class and showed him his new baby sister! He was so proud and excited and had been such a trooper thru this whole wait and never once asked, "how much longer" He knew in his heart that when God was ready, she would come. Oh, the faith of a child. He immediately went and showed his classmates and you could hear all the hollaring from their room.
Then we would fill out more paper work and would wait for our Travel Approval so we could head to China to get our baby. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we saw Joleigh's precious face. She will soon be 2 years old and is so full of energy and life.

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Boy, has she ever changed!


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