Tuesday, March 6, 2007

16 months old!

Joleigh turned 16 months old on the 5th (yesterday) Where does the time go? Here are some things Joleigh is doing:

  1. Saying several words including: cookie (started today), thank you, Mama, Daddy, Jacob, cat, bye, hey, get down, nana (milk), woof, meow, Whee, Ming Ming (wonder pets), Ding (when the timer goes off she copies it). We are working on more words, but hasn't quite mastered them yet. We have improved alot over the past two weeks.

  2. loves her bath. If I dare mention one, she signs for bath and off she goes to the bathroom.

  3. signs for : more, thank you, please, bath, all done and down.

  4. Is using sippy cup all day except for bedtime. Loves her bottle and Mommy isn't ready for her to give it up, either.

  5. loves outside and loves to swing (whee)

  6. made several friends and loves to see them (especially at Sunday School)

  7. sleeps all night with occasional interruption (no nightmares lately)

  8. walking and running everywhere (she is fast)

  9. can count to 3 ( with help)

  10. doesn't like my attention or dad's attention on anything else (like now, not happy that I am typing this post)

  11. Has bonded with Daddy, Mommy and big brother, Jacob and several other family members.

  12. doesn't mind her car seat, especially if you tell her we are going to get Jacob from school

  13. eats broccoli, bananas, grapes, cheese, peas, beans, a little meat (not much) mac and cheese, eggs, yogurt, grits, cream of wheat,milk, juice, sweet tea and cookies. In other words, just about anything you offer! LOL

  14. loves to dance and sing. Starting to watch some TV now, especially if it has music.

  15. Is a blessing to our family and it seems as she has been with us the whole time. God has truly been faithful in His word and gave us what we prayed for, in His perfect time!



Doug and Terrye said...

I love Joleigh's list of life accomplishments!!! She sounds so happy. What an awesome job y'all are doing as her parents.


Jen said...

Mendy - so lovely to read of the adventures of the beautiful Joleigh - you're obviously doing a wonderful job with her and she looks absolutely beautiful. Bless you all. Jen (& Ebony) Australia


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