Monday, March 19, 2007

If Jacob can fish, so can I.........

Jacob is at his MawMaw and D'daddy's fishing while he is on Spring Break. Well, I guess little Miss Joleigh was more upset than I thought and wanted to stay and fish with her brother. Since she didn't, she decided to fish at home.....with her GOLDFISH crackers. I was in the office trying to get some work done and she was peacefully watching a Baby Signing Time DVD. Well, I thought she was watching it. I noticed that Little Miss was quieter than normal, so I went to check in on her and she met me with a sweet grin and was laughing. I said, "Uh Oh, what have you done?" She had sneaked into the kitchen a grab the bag of goldfish crackers and went fishing in the living room. Not only did she dump them out, but she had to stomp on them and stir them up with the wooden spoon. I believe we have a "live wire" on our hands. In China, some of the families in our travel group nicknamed her "wild thing" She is that, but I wouldn't have her any other way. Years from now, I will be wishing she and Jacob were both making messes in the house.

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