Saturday, March 3, 2007

Pictures for the week

Well, this week went really fast. Everyone stayed well this week. The weather turned off warm (for now) so we were able to go outside. Joleigh learned how to climb to get what she wants. She hasn't learned that if she climbs in a chair that is already pushed up to the table that she will get "stuck" She was going for the goldfish crackers, one of her many favorites. Too cute!
I ordered some books for her from the Children's Book of the month club ( she was so proud of her new backpack that came with her books.

She also loves taking bubble baths. After all the water is gone, she still wants to stay in and blow bubbles, eat them or whatever. What an adorable face!

We went to MawMaw and D'daddy's (Chip's parents) last night to eat supper. Joleigh decided she wanted to sit with her big brother on his skateboard. She loves her brother and wants to do everything he does.

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